Headquarters for the Arts in Southern New Jersey

The arts are alive in southern New Jersey. In the studio, solo artists work their craft. Stone chips. Paint drips. Dots on paper dance a new tune. In the gallery hangs an original new show. At the museum, art lovers and artists gather for a gala art event. In the theater, musicians, dancers and actors collaborate in performance. At the school of arts, young artists explore new territory. It’s all happening, all here in south Jersey. And ArtC is at the center of it all. It’s a gathering place for artists – headquarters of art knowledge, listings, news, art classes and appreciation. ArtC exists to encourage, promote and appreciate the best of the best. It’s a resource for working artists and up-and-coming young talent, in visual arts, the performing arts and multimedia. ArtC is the gateway to the arts in southern New Jersey.


  Artc is proud to have produced this promotional video ( that’s a lot of ‘pr’ words) for founder and director Dorrie Papademetriou and her organization MudGirls. What a great job Dorrie is doing with these women and the ceramic products they... read more


  The ArtC with Bill Horin TV show ran on station WMGM in South Jersey for a year and a half (March 2016 – Nov 2017) until the station was sold and stopped carrying local programming. The show was viewed by more people each week than any other art-centric... read more

Panel Discussion Video

    MANY OF YOU HAVE ASKED if we would be posting a video of our panel discussion about the arts of South Jersey. Well, here it is. Unedited for all to see. I want to thank again our panelists, those who attended, the staff of the Eagle Theatre and members... read more

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