The ArtC with Bill HorinĀ TV show ran on station WMGM in South Jersey for a year and a half (March 2016 – Nov 2017) until the station was sold and stopped carrying local programming. The show was viewed by more people each week than any other art-centric show in South Jersey.

In less than two years, the show featured ninety-nine (ArtC TV Show Guests) of South Jersey’s most interesting and talented artists as well as many of its creative leaders on sixty-eight half hour shows. Those shows can still be viewed online on SNJ Today’s website. It was Emmy nominated in its first year and is expected to be up for another for its second season. The testimonials and endorsements for the show still come in each week. (ArtC3TV_Testimonials)

I am looking to bring the show back this September on a station with three times the reach of WMGM. Thanks to all those who have supported the show and encouraged me to continue with it. That means a lot. And my list of potential guests is still very long.

Thanks for listening and thanks for watching.


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