Critiquing "The Art Critic"

Critiquing "The Art Critic"

Some may view this blog as a kettle/pot sort of thing. I assure you it isn’t.

A few months ago many of ArtC’s facebook friends started asking if I knew who the “Art Critic’ from Ocean City was. They had received a friend request from him and assumed he was working with ArtC. Well, we all know what assuming does. Although I never friended ‘The Art Critic’ on facebook, I have to admit I check out his facebook page from time to time and I even sent him a message once asking him to contact me. I thought it might be interesting to work with him on a few projects. I never heard back.

‘The Art Critic’ by Norman Rockwell

As many of you know, we at ArtC have been critical of certain art projects that we feel do not live up to their hype or justify the amount of money spent. We always do our research first, ask the opinions of people far more qualified than us and usually temper our views with whatever positive we can find. Above all, we only comment on things we’ve actually seen. We are not perfect and if anyone disagrees with us, we listen. My personal favorite thing is to be proven wrong. It’s painful but it’s how I and ArtC grow.

Recently ‘Art Critic’ made some comments about the Noyes Museum of Art, the new Art Wave art space coming to Atlantic City and a film, “Finding Home’ by ArtC’s Frank Weiss. He called the Noyes mainly a’duck decoy’ museum, claimed the Atlantic City space will be ‘Just another space for lighthouse paintings and decoys!”. He also commented on the front page article in the Press of Atlantic City about Frank and his film by saying, “Really, homeless as a subject matter? Been there done that 40 years ago back when I was in art school, can we please get on with a different subject”.

Mike Cagno, executive director of the Noyes Museum, is also responsible for running the Art Wave space in Atlantic City. He and I have had our disagreements over the years. It’s healthy. But I have never questioned his talents and dedication to the arts of South Jersey. I’ve always respected his willingness to take chances and to seek out the best art locally, regionally and nationally. And as far as Frank Weiss, we have worked together on many projects. He is always professional and never satisfied with anything less than his best. He continues to grow at an amazing rate and ‘Finding Home’ is his best effort to date. It’s a great film and very complex.

Even though I haven’t seen Art Critic’s art school project on the homeless, I would be surprised if it’s anything near what Frank has done. I’d be glad to look at it though. I’d also gladly attend any exhibition of Art Critic’s artwork. So far I haven’t heard of any but if he’s so good, wouldn’t he have his own following? Why would he need to pilfer ArtC’s ‘unsophisticated’ South Jersey friends? Just saying.

Thanks for listening.

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