How Tweet It Is

How Tweet It Is

I can be such a twit sometimes but at least now I can tweet about it.

I am over forty. Ok, well over forty. And like many people my age, social media does not come naturally to me. I have a personal facebook page that is covered with cobwebs. I had no interest in Pinterest and until recently I seriously thought Instagram was a new and quicker way to deliver a telegram. My friends crack up when they see me typing a text message. I can hunt and peck, but not necessarily both at the same time. I spell out everything. And I assumed Twitter was just another way for people to keep up with what their favorite celebrity had for breakfast. But even an old dog can learn some new tricks.

With the help of our newest staffer, Susan Allen, ArtC has started to take advantage of the mostly free and amazingly effective tools of social media. Thanks to Susan, we have a new facebook page. We are also tweeting our little hearts out. We have HootSuite and we’re not afraid to use it. And it’s all starting to pay off.

This doesn’t mean we will be ignoring what got us here. We will continue to meet with artists and organizations face-to-face, pick up a phone for actual conversations when we can and attend exhibits and performances at every opportunity. In other words, we will attempt to be as social as possible.

We know running an arts organization is a lot of work. Learning all the tools available to promote it can be daunting. It is important, however, to get the message out there with whatever means possible. And if you have any questions, you can always ask your twelve year old nephew or niece for advice.

Thanks for listening and now if you’ll excuse me, I have a blog to write. Wait…I think I just did.

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