JOSE CHORA, metal sculptor

video by Bill Horin & Frank Weiss

A magnet won’t stick to stainless steel, yet the sculptures of Jose Chora are magnetic. Wielding a plasma torch, this Portuguese American artist shapes steel into flowers. Or fish. Or whatever his imagination conceives.The results are displayed not only in numerous private and public spaces, but at the Somers Point gallery he shares with his artist wife Judy Leone. The Chora-Leone Gallery is a marriage of minds and artistry. Working independently and in collaboration—Leone in her ceramic studio above the gallery, and Chora at his metal fabrication studio in Absecon—the two have created an impressive array of artwork ranging from the figurative to the abstract.This video was created by ArtC for AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts website, which was designed and developed by ArtC for .AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts