Bill Horin

Founder & Creative Director

Bill Horin is a professional photographer headquartered in Linwood, N.J. He has a high profile within the south Jersey creative community. He founded two magazines dedicated to the arts: ArtBeat and Envision Arts Magazine. For the past decade, his work in both photography and publishing has increasingly involved other artists. Most recently, he collaborated with three southern New Jersey artists to create a multimedia exhibition for the Noyes Museum of Art.

Sal Emma

Editor & Content Director

Based in Petersburg, N.J., Sal Emma is a professional writer experienced in editorial, copywriting and creative concept development. Versed in writing for vehicles in print, online, electronic and the spoken word, he has written for organizations in commerce, government, not-for-profit, editorial and academia. He was a frequent contributor to Envision Arts Magazine.

Sal is also the owner of Briarpatch Creative

Bill Milnazik

Art Director

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs, Bill Milnazik is a designer and art director with broad experience in many industries, including pharmaceutical, financial, high-tech, consumer and editorial. He was art director for Envision Arts Magazine. A master of visual language, Bill uses color, image and typography to draw on feelings, emotions, or experiences. He believes a strong concept along with strong execution can create a powerful message.

Bill is also the owner of Axis Visual.

Frank Weiss

Video Production

For Frank Weiss, it’s all about getting the shot. He’ll do just about anything to capture the image he envisions – occasionally even putting expensive equipment at great risk. A self-dubbed “Visual Adventurer,” he honed his visual storytelling skills photographing the Afghani people during his overseas service with the U.S. Air Force. Since then, he has expanded his palette to film and video. Frank is putting his unique point of view on ArtC’s video production –tenacious in pursuit of perfection.

Frank is also the owner of Wild Rhino Studios.

Susan Allen

Social Media Director

Whether you call it Web 2.0, social networking or new media – Susan Allen is ArtC’s resident guru. She understands all those words that strike fear in the hearts of anyone over 40: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare, Flickr, Google+, Vine and the blogosphere. As she has also done for Richard Stockton College, Susan is orchestrating the online component of a dynamic ArtC community. She is expanding the dialogue and keeping ArtC on the edge of tomorrow’s web technology.