ArtC does AC

The New Jersey State Council on the Arts came to Atlantic City Tuesday. They held one of their five annual public meetings at Dante Hall and ArtC was one of the presenters. Actually, we weren’t asked to speak but we did show a three minute video (shown below) showcasing some of the artists and arts organizations of Greater Atlantic City. We could easily have ten minutes if we had time, there are so many artists we weren’t able to include. We plan on expanding the video in the future to include more artists and more of South Jersey.

The meeting itself was mostly about the Atlantic City Arts District and the Fung Collaboratives art installations. Mike Cagno from the Noyes Museum, Kim Butler from the CRDA and Liza Cartmell, director of the Atlantic City Alliance, were the featured presenters. All did an excellent job of pointing out the importance of arts and culture in moving Atlantic City forward. However at some point actual regional artists need to be included in these discussions. We aren’t Miami, New York City or even Providence. It can work in Atlantic City if there is a real effort to involve the regional arts community. At least things seem to be finally moving forward. At next week’s CRDA meeting (12/18 at 10 am, again at Dante Hall), plans for the retail space in the new parking garage will be revealed. Over 16,000 sq ft dedicated to arts and arts related businesses. Could be interesting.

Thanks for listening and the video really needs to be viewed full screen. It moves fast.

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