ArtC Radio Interview with NEA’s Jason Schupbach

ArtC Radio Interview with NEA’s Jason Schupbach

ArtC traveled to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in Washington D.C. to interview Jason Schupbach, director of Design, Visual Arts Team Leader, for its radio show on SNJ Today. Topics included Creative Placemaking, Our Town grants, opportunities for artists, and much more. Photo by Bill Horin/ArtC

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  1. Great interview! I never tire of hearing definitions of creative placemaking and Jason’s explanation was very articulate! I think his definition also explains why investing in the arts in Atlantic City didn’t work. The efforts didn’t support what made Atlantic City special. Bringing in an outsider without the connections to city government, education, local arts organizations and artists never works and is not sustainable. Anyway, I am anxious to look at the 76 examples and work with southern New Jersey’s arts organizations to help connect them to healthcare, education, economic and community development and tourism. Again, Bill, congratulations on bringing national thought leaders to New Jersey!


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