Atlantic City Arts & Cultural District Coming Out Party

The arts are coming to Atlantic City. When and to what extent are still to be determined, but I’m finally convinced it will happen.

The next step will take place Tuesday, June 28th, at Dante Hall in Atlantic City. That’s when the Casino Reinvestment & Development Authority (CRDA) & ArtSpace Inc will present their Pre-feasibility Study findings. I’m not really sure how something can be ‘pre-feasible’ but evidently it’s a big deal and the CRDA is throwing a party for artists and the public. To be catered by Los Amigos, no less. The news release is on our site under Events for Artists. It’s short notice, but we hope they get a big turnout. And as part of the event, ArtC was asked to provide artwork for display. On Monday. Eight days before the event. And for three hours only. My first instinct was to say no, but it is a great opportunity to showcase some of the area’s best artists. I then called Mary Cantone, an ArtC advisory board member and the director of the William Ris Gallery in Stone Harbor. Her immediate response was ‘no problem, we can do this’. Mary can be very persuasive. The artists then stepped forward. And after seeing the space at Dante Hall today and talking with Alex Marino from Stockton and Jordan Cox from the CRDA, I’m now certain we can put on an impressive show.

An Arts & Cultural District in Atlantic City will not be an easy sell. It will take lots of creativity on the part of the CRDA, the arts organizations, the artists, the people promoting it, and the public . But I’m beginning to believe it can be done. Hope to see many of you there Tuesday night. Look for me; I’ll be the one with a Dos Equis in each hand. Stay ArtC, my friends.

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