I can’t believe I’m still talking about this. It’s been almost FOUR YEARS since Cheryl Broschard was first recommended to be on the NJ State Council on the Arts (NJSCA). EIGHT YEARS since the heart of South Jersey has had representation. Cheryl has... read more


  Artc is proud to have produced this promotional video ( that’s a lot of ‘pr’ words) for founder and director Dorrie Papademetriou and her organization MudGirls. What a great job Dorrie is doing with these women and the ceramic products they... read more

Panel Discussion Video

    MANY OF YOU HAVE ASKED if we would be posting a video of our panel discussion about the arts of South Jersey. Well, here it is. Unedited for all to see. I want to thank again our panelists, those who attended, the staff of the Eagle Theatre and members... read more

Free Workshop – How to Photograph Your Artwork

FREE WORKSHOP AT MILLVILLE’S ARTS & INNOVATION CENTER ON APRIL 14TH. I will be teaching a workshop on how to photograph your artwork, again, on Sat, April 14th, from 1 – 4 pm. It’s free & open to the first 30 registrants. This time,... read more

ArtC Panel Discussions Update

I am excited to announce that the details for our panel discussions are set and registration is now open to the public. We have 12 panelists and 60 artists and arts organization leaders from all over South Jersey scheduled to attend. There are 45 seats available. Come... read more

The Arts of South Jersey – Panel Discussion

What started as a small idea for a round table discussion about the arts of South Jersey has continued to grow. It’s now a panel discussion, featuring two panels actually, with an impressive list of participants. A great opportunity to start a fresh dialogue... read more

ArtC 2017 Year in Review Video

A busy & productive year for ArtC & the many talented South Jersey artists & organizations in 2017. And the video below only scratches the surface of all ArtC was involved in. Thanks for your support, encouragement, honesty & creativity. Let’s... read more

Photo SJ 2017 Coming This June

If you are passionate about photography and filmmaking, don’t miss Photo SJ 2017, June 14-15. Visit the website for more info. With a panel of respected experts and a diverse program of presentations, workshops, exhibits, a competition and vendor marketplace – Photo... read more

Algonquian Dreamcatcher

Help us ‘Catch the Dream’ ” Creativity is a mysterious process,” says Paul Herron. “We intend to examine what makes art come alive.” Bay Atlantic Symphony and ArtC want to produce a documentary that captures the inspiration,... read more

Albert Horner Video

Medford Lakes resident, Albert Horner, has been familiar with the scenic wonders of the Pinelands National Reserve most of his life. A self-taught photographer who started recording the “Pine Barrens” in his early 30’s he now is capturing stunning... read more

Being ArtC

Sometimes the hardest thing about being ArtC is being artsy. As a for profit in a mostly non-profit art world, we rely on work from others to pay our bills. Many times, like many businesses, we have to compromise to please our clients. Then there are times when we say... read more

Finding Home

Finding Home is the title of a documentary by ArtC’s Frank Weiss that will premiere this Thursday, January 24th (6:30 pm), at the Noyes Museum of Art in Oceanville. It’s about Seth Camm and his work painting portraits of the homeless. That short... read more

Taken for Granted

No, I’m not feeling taken for granted. That’s the name of our new video (see below). In the spirit of the holiday season, we at ArtC wanted to share some good cheer in the form of an enlightening, in-depth interview with one of the non-profit art... read more

Looking Up

For many people the end of October means Halloween, colder weather and the beginning of the ever-lengthening holiday season. However, for about a gazilion photographers on the east coast, it means the PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York... read more

Why ArtC ?

Does the world really need another arts organization? Does south Jersey? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself. I tried to avoid doing this. I really did. Every time I saw an arts organization that I thought could use my help, I graciously offered my... read more