Cape May’s Susan Krysiak & Michael Kline – Radio

ArtC with Bill Horin welcomed Cape May’s Susan Krysiak and Michael Kline as gueasts on the May 20th show. Susan is the Communications Coordinator for the Mid Atlantic Center for Arts and Humanities (MAC) and Michael is the Producer/Artistic Director for the Exit... read more

Artist Michelle Post – Radio

The May 13th ArtC with Bill Horin radio show featured artist Michelle Post who is also Director of  Museum Displays and Installations for the Seward Johnson Atelier Foundation. For more info about Michelle and to see her work visit read more

Eagle Theatre’s Ted Wioncek III & JT Murtagh – Radio

The April 29th  ArtC with Bill Horin radio show featured guests Ted Wioncek III, co-artistic director of Hammonton’s Eagle Theatre and JT Murtagh, the Theatre’s production stage manager and box office manager. For more info about the Eagle Theatre visit... read more

Fine Art Photographer & Activist Albert Horner – Radio

ArtC with Bill Horin radio guest for April 22 was Medford Lake’s award-winning nature photographer Albert Horner.  Albert is also a passionate advocate for the preservation of the Pine Barrens. For more info, visit Albert’s site read more

April 8 Radio Guest – Paul Herron

Paul Herron – photo by ArtC You can listen here, without commercial interruption, to ArtC with Bill Horin which premiered on WOND 1400 Am on April 8th as a segment on... read more

It's a Festival

We recently learned that two of our videos from last summer were accepted into the Garden State Film Festival being held in Atlantic City this March. Beyond the Castle and a three minute piece we did for the NJ State Council on the Arts, The Arts of Atlantic City.... read more

AtlantiCare Holiday Present

The Healing Arts Committee at AtlantiCare is seeking design proposals for a variety of original artwork for its Mainland Transformation & Modernization Project located at AtlantiCare’s Mainland Campus in Pomona, NJ. The committee is seeking artists who reside in... read more

Photo Challenge 2014

Six professional photographers from or with strong ties to South Jersey headed to New York City last week. Paul Dempsey, Paul Gillespie, Bill Horin, Holly Horner and Steve Jasiecki piled (literally) into Alex Anton’s Tahoe and hit the road. How would they spend... read more

AtlantiCare Call for Sculptors

AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts Foundation is looking for a sculpture for its renovated Mainland Hospital in Pomona, NJ. Great opportunity for qualified sculptors. The budget for this project is $25,000 & will be the first of many opportunities for artists of all... read more

Albert Horner Video

Medford Lakes resident, Albert Horner, has been familiar with the scenic wonders of the Pinelands National Reserve most of his life. A self-taught photographer who started recording the “Pine Barrens” in his early 30’s he now is capturing stunning... read more

Eye of the Storm

I’ll be honest, sometimes we at ArtC are approached with an idea or asked to do a project and our first reaction is, ‘Seriously?’ That may have been the case when Phyllis Papa, director of the Atlantic City Ballet (ACB), asked us to create a video to... read more

Being ArtC

Sometimes the hardest thing about being ArtC is being artsy. As a for profit in a mostly non-profit art world, we rely on work from others to pay our bills. Many times, like many businesses, we have to compromise to please our clients. Then there are times when we say... read more

A Day in the Life of ArtC

ArtC has been busy. That’s a good thing. Yesterday, August 22nd, was a good example of that. 8 am – ArtC filmed scupltor Jose Chora as he placed his commissioned sculptures in front of AtlantiCare’s corporate office in Egg Harbor Township. This will... read more

Sounds of Summer

It’s been a musical Summer for ArtC and that’s fine with us. We filmed a documentary style video this Spring called ‘The Great Goshen Barn Jam’ and we premiered it last week to a very appreciative audience of about sixty-five people, most of... read more


One of the things I’ve liked best about ArtC is our ability to find really talented people to collaborate with. Our video shoot this Spring at Crow Creek Studios in Goshen is a good example of that. When SALT Magazine’s publisher, David Todd McCarty,... read more

April Showers

When it rains it pours and ArtC is looking forward to getting drenched this month. First, Photo SJ 2013 kicks off  Wednesday, April 3rd. Two days of photography presentations, workshops and portfolio reviews by some of the area’s best photographers and one who... read more


Go ahead, ask me what I did yesterday. Ok, if you insist I’ll tell you – I removed a nipple. No, it wasn’t my own and I should probably stop there but I won’t. As many of you know, ArtC provides features on the arts of South Jersey to New... read more

How Tweet It Is

I can be such a twit sometimes but at least now I can tweet about it. I am over forty. Ok, well over forty. And like many people my age, social media does not come naturally to me. I have a personal facebook page that is covered with cobwebs. I had no interest in... read more

Critiquing "The Art Critic"

Some may view this blog as a kettle/pot sort of thing. I assure you it isn’t. A few months ago many of ArtC’s facebook friends started asking if I knew who the “Art Critic’ from Ocean City was. They had received a friend request from him and... read more


I was contacted by an old friend yesterday, John Gowdy. John is originally from the Atlantic City area and he became a world-renowned sand sculptor. He’s putting together a world championship sand sculpting event in AC for this June and he wanted to know if I... read more

Finding Home

Finding Home is the title of a documentary by ArtC’s Frank Weiss that will premiere this Thursday, January 24th (6:30 pm), at the Noyes Museum of Art in Oceanville. It’s about Seth Camm and his work painting portraits of the homeless. That short... read more

ArtC does AC

The New Jersey State Council on the Arts came to Atlantic City Tuesday. They held one of their five annual public meetings at Dante Hall and ArtC was one of the presenters. Actually, we weren’t asked to speak but we did show a three minute video (shown below)... read more

Those People

Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. Pras Michel When Pras Michel of the Fugees made this statement in 2006, I’m sure it was considered a gross exaggeration. After witnessing an extended recession and the devastation caused by... read more

Nature and Art

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy swept past our area last week I sent out an email that in essence said how lucky those in the arts in our area were considering how much damage this storm did. Just check out the Chelsea Arts District in New York City to see how... read more

'I Will Survive' Video

A few months ago our favorite client, Cheryl Broschard from AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts Program, called and asked if we would do a video on an art class they were sponsoring for cancer survivors. It was being taught by one of the area’s best artists, Kathy... read more

Busy Week

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog but it doesn’t mean we at ArtC haven’t been busy and this week especially is a very busy week for ArtC and for the artists and arts of our region. Let’s hope it’s also productive. First, we... read more


A couple things. First, the tickets for our first documentary, ‘The Art Spirit – The Story of Pat Witt and the Barn Studio of Art’ are now on sale. The premiere is September 18th at the Levoy Theater in Millville. You can purchase tickets from the... read more

Let me know if this sounds negative

I was there, where were you? I just returned from the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City where Lance Fung of Fung Collaboratives unveiled his plans for multiple large scale exhibitions using vacant lots in Atlantic City over the next several years. Starting in a few... read more

Bonfire of the Travesties

Sometimes you just need to do something fun. The following video is an example of that. It was shot on the fly at a unique party in Millville. Enough... read more

We need more SALT

One of our favorite things at ArtC is finding artists who make us say ‘Wow’. And that doesn’t just apply to fine artists but commercial artists as well. When we first saw the concept issue of SALT Magazine, an online publication out of Cape May, we... read more

Coming Attractions

Please, no surprise party. On Tuesday May 22nd ArtC will celebrate it’s first anniversary. We will be celebrating by attending the New Jersey State Council on the Arts (NJSCA) meeting at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts (RRCA) in Millville at 11 am... read more

The Show Must Go On

Phil Van Embden is a very convincing man. And I really want him to be right. As many of you know, ArtC is working on a video about Pat Witt and the Barn Studio in Millville. When finished, it will be about twenty-five minutes long and deserving of a premiere, but... read more

Do ArtC!

After hours of research, brainstorming, marketing surveys, control groups and talking to some guy at WaWa, our cracked creative team at ArtC has finally come up with a catch phrase that embraces the spirit of ArtC and spits it out to the world. Do ArtC! We know what... read more


April has been, and continues to be, an eventful month for ArtC. First, last Wednesday and Thursday was Photo SJ 2012 at Stockton College. Great turnout. Over three hundred people saw the presentations by John Russo and Seth Resnick. About sixty people, many of them... read more

ArtC in April

April is going to be a busy month for ArtC. First, we have Photo SJ 2012 at the Richard Stockton College of NJ. Two days, April 4th & 5th, of photography presentations, workshops and socializing, featuring two of the country’s best photographers; celebrity... read more


Yes, it’s finally up. The new exhibit for the ArtC Gallery at Shore Medical Center was hung on Thursday and it looks great. The gallery is a partnership with ArtC, the Noyes Museum of Art and Shore Medical Center in Somers Point. We are very fortunate to have... read more

No, I haven't been hibernating

It’s been some time since my last blog, but I certainly haven’t been hibernating. Lots happening. New website and videos for AtlantiCare Foundation’s Healing Arts Program, including one on metal sculptor Jose Chora, are almost done. A new ArtC... read more

Taken for Granted

No, I’m not feeling taken for granted. That’s the name of our new video (see below). In the spirit of the holiday season, we at ArtC wanted to share some good cheer in the form of an enlightening, in-depth interview with one of the non-profit art... read more

New Jersey Arts

Yesterday was not a good day to drive to Trenton. The rain was hard and the traffic was worse than usual. But I was determined to attend a workshop that the New Jersey State Council on the Arts was offering at their office on applying for their next crop of grants. As... read more

The Week That Was

In this age of tweeting, text messaging and facebooking (is that really a verb?), it’s unusual to wait a week before telling the world, or at least your closest 1,567 friends, about what you’ve been up to, especially when the news is pretty exciting.... read more

Looking Up

For many people the end of October means Halloween, colder weather and the beginning of the ever-lengthening holiday season. However, for about a gazilion photographers on the east coast, it means the PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York... read more

Questions about Atlantic City's Arts District

It’s been over a year since I first heard about a proposed arts district in Atlantic City as part of the new Tourism District. Except for a focus group meeting at the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority’s (CRDA) Atlantic City boardroom in September... read more

Fall Forward

It’s been awhile since my last blog. I’m told that’s not good. I and ArtC have, however, been very busy working on new projects. That is good. First, we have a new feature article coming out this month in New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine. It’s on... read more