One of the things I’ve liked best about ArtC is our ability to find really talented people to collaborate with. Our video shoot this Spring at Crow Creek Studios in Goshen is a good example of that.

When SALT Magazine’s publisher, David Todd McCarty, decided to do a photo shoot of Cape May County’s best muscians at Stan Sperlak’s Studio, he also thought it would be great to have a jam session and he asked ArtC to video the event. We are so glad he did. Great music, fun people and lots of energy in the room. ArtC’s Frank Weiss, Susan Allen and I had a ball.

David’s latest issue of SALT ( was released this week with the musician’s photos he took that day. Many of them are also in our video. Below is a teaser to the video. The finished version will be ready next week and then posted to our website. Enjoy.

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