Go ahead, ask me what I did yesterday. Ok, if you insist I’ll tell you – I removed a nipple. No, it wasn’t my own and I should probably stop there but I won’t.

As many of you know, ArtC provides features on the arts of South Jersey to New Jersey Lifestyle Magazine. The Lifestyle people have been great, they rarely question anything we do and Darla Hendricks, the publisher and art director, has been very patient with our requests for ‘tweaks’. Our latest feature is on Ocean City artist Frank Kallop. I’ve known Frank for almost twenty years and I have always been a big fan of his work. The story by Sterling Brown talks about the diversity of Frank’s work over the years and also the story behind his latest commission, a Modigliani inspired portrait of a woman who happens to be a breast cancer survivor. Frank asked me to photograph the finished piece. It’s absolutely beautiful and the photo of it was submitted along with the story.

Yesterday, Darla sent me an email asking if I had another photo to replace ‘Leanne’. I quickly called her to ask why. She then explained because one nipple was showing it wouldn’t be appropriate for a family magazine. I tried to explain it was art and should be judged by a different criteria but a part of me understood her dilemma. I wasn’t sure what to do. I could call Sterling and ask him to change the story but I really liked what he did – I decided instead to call Frank. To my surprise, he wasn’t surprised. He asked if I could digitally remove the nipple without hurting the integrity of the painting or being insensitive to the woman in the painting. I said I would try, hopefully I succeeded and if I hadn’t told you, you probably would never have guessed. I looked at this as a ‘pick your battles wisely’ situation.

Below is a sneak preview of the feature which will come out in early April. Thanks for listening.

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