Do ArtC!

After hours of research, brainstorming, marketing surveys, control groups and talking to some guy at WaWa, our cracked creative team at ArtC has finally come up with a catch phrase that embraces the spirit of ArtC and spits it out to the world. Do ArtC!

We know what some of you are thinking,’But isn’t that the same as the new Atlantic City slogan, DO AC?’ To that we say,’Hogwash!’ First, they have a capital O in DO, we don’t. Second, it’s the campaign associated with it that matters and ours is TOTALLY different. Saying ‘Do ArtC’ is anything like ‘DO AC’ is like saying ‘DO AC’ is similar to ‘Do Wildwood’. Yes, it’s a lot of ‘Do Do’ but we creative people ‘do do’ think alike.

We are dedicating our entire marketing budget to this campaign. Although $112 doesn’t seem to buy as much as we thought it would, we are not discouraged. Our first TV commercial will be a ten second spot on local public access touting the fun side of art; Dance parties at the Noyes Museum; Massages at the William Ris Gallery (free with every purchase over $5000); Young people frolicking on the beach while discussing the pros and cons of mirror anamorphosis. To accomplish all this in ten seconds won’t be easy, but it will have an impact.

Our next step will be billboards. Since the TV commercial will blow our entire budget, we will convince local art students to climb up on some billboards on the AC Expressway and spray paint our slogan,”Do ArtC!’ (starting to grow on you, isn’t it?) over existing advertising. We will of course provide them with flashlights since this will need to be done in the middle of the night.

These are exciting times for ArtC. And as soon as we get a new marketing budget (depending on how well we do on ebay), we will purchase some ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (sold separately of course). They seem to be all the rage, especially in the worlds of politics and advertising.

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