Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

I’ll be honest, sometimes we at ArtC are approached with an idea or asked to do a project and our first reaction is, ‘Seriously?’ That may have been the case when Phyllis Papa, director of the Atlantic City Ballet (ACB), asked us to create a video to accompany their original ballet based on Hurricane Sandy. We no longer feel that way.

The video premiered along with an hour long performance by ACB of their dance this past Saturday at Dante Hall in Atlantic City. We were amazed by what these talented performers and choreographer Kristaps Kikulis were able to create based on a tragic event like last year’s Superstorm. But when you think about it, many great pieces of art, both visual and performance, have been inspired by horrific events. Art can help put things in perspective and possibly by shining a light on these tragedies, as Phyllis points out in the video, help with the healing process.

Our video is below and I believe we did a good job but if you can possibly make it to the final performance of ‘Eye of the Storm’ at the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts (LBIF) in Loveladies, NJ on November 9th, you should. It will be well worth the trip.

Thanks for listening.

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