'I Will Survive' Video

A few months ago our favorite client, Cheryl Broschard from AtlantiCare’s Healing Arts Program, called and asked if we would do a video on an art class they were sponsoring for cancer survivors. It was being taught by one of the area’s best artists, Kathy Johnston English, at her studio/home in Sweetwater, NJ. Of course we said yes. We knew it would be a great project and we hoped it would be inspirational. There was a part of me that was slightly hesitant however. You see, a few months ago my younger sister died after a very difficult two year battle with cancer and I really wasn’t sure I wanted to be reminded so soon of what she went through.

When I arrived at Kathy’s home and met some of the women from the class, I knew it was the right thing to do. After an hour or two, I remember thinking how much my sister would have loved these women and the chance to express her creativity. Of the two of us, growing up she was always ‘the creative one’.

We at ArtC applaud AtlantiCare for the many ways they contribute to the arts in our area. The many times they’ve purchased art to line the hallways and fill the rooms of their facilities with hope and beauty. And now their art class for those who need a way to express what they’ve been through and, in some cases, are still going through. AtlantiCare has truly earned the right to include ‘Healing Arts’ after their name.

I want to thank the women of the class and Kathy Johnston English for sharing with us, Cheryl for including us, Frank Weiss for his always amazing video and editing skills, Annie Arena for helping us and my younger sister who always encouraged me to be more creative.

Thanks for listening.

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