Looking Up

For many people the end of October means Halloween, colder weather and the beginning of the ever-lengthening holiday season. However, for about a gazilion photographers on the east coast, it means the PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. It’s the Toys R’ Us for anyone with a business card with the words ‘photography by’ on it. Nowadays that doesn’t eliminate too many people. And practically every year since I’ve been a professional photographer, I’ve gone to it.

In all honesty, the novelty has worn off some. I always say I’m going to skip a year or two, but I never do. I like seeing the new equipment, watching a few presentations and seeing some great photos, but mostly I go because it’s an opportunity to bond with other photographers. This year I drove to the show with Alex Anton, Bill Banks and Paul Gillespie, same as the last few years. Alex is well known in our region as a talented commercial photographer, Bill, who didn’t bring his camera, for his creative weddings and portraits, and Paul is an award-winning photojournalist, originally from Margate, but now with a daily newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland.

This year Alex suggested instead of just going to the Expo, getting something to eat and heading home, we actually take some photos in NYC. After some discussion, we decided to pick one subject in New York. Everyone would be allowed to bring one camera and one lens and we would have thirty minutes to shoot. We ended up picking the Empire State Building, probably the most photographed building anywhere. That’s what made it a challenge and as long as something inside or out, even a brick from it, were in the photo, it qualified. Then each photographer submitted his best five photos which are in this slideshow – Empire. Some samples from it are below.

We have to do this more often.

Photo by Alex Anton

Photo by Paul Gillespie

Photo by Bill Horin

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