Nature and Art

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy swept past our area last week I sent out an email that in essence said how lucky those in the arts in our area were considering how much damage this storm did. Just check out the Chelsea Arts District in New York City to see how destructive this storm could be to the arts.

Yes, there certainly was damage. Accent Gallery on Asbury Avenue in Ocean City had to tear it’s store apart to clean up. Artists Greg Bennett in Strathmere and Frank Kallop in Ocean City both had extensive flooding and lost valuable supplies but thankfully not artwork. Mary Cantone of the William Ris Gallery in Stone Harbor avoided damage to her gallery but lost the van she used to transport artwork. Lennox Warner is still trying to find out the status of his one man show at the Atlantic City Art Center. The Center received what appears to be minor damage but he can’t get inside yet. Many such as Susan Gogan of Wheaton Arts, Mike Cagno of the Noyes Museum of Art and Betty Cutler of the Perkins Center for the Arts in Moorestown reported the normal branches down and temporary power loss but they were quickly up and running again.

The Gail Pierson Gallery and Soma newArt Gallery in Cape May are fine. Layman Lee of Lance Fung Collaborative called to say their outdoor art exhibit in Atlantic City was basically unharmed and their ribbon cutting will take place this Friday, November 9th, as planned.

Then tonight I received an email and photo from painter Steve Kuzma that simply said, ‘We are devastated’.

I can’t imagine how Steve is feeling. I wish I could help.

Thanks for listening.

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