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Yesterday was not a good day to drive to Trenton. The rain was hard and the traffic was worse than usual. But I was determined to attend a workshop that the New Jersey State Council on the Arts was offering at their office on applying for their next crop of grants. As a program of the Noyes Museum of Art, ArtC really doesn’t qualify for any of the grants being offered but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. Besides, I’m a curious person and that whole process just baffles me.

The Council’s office on West State Street is practically next door to the New Jersey State Museum. The last time I was there was in June of 2008 as a contract photography for NJN TV. That’s when I took the picture below.

The Museum is a large, impressive facility with four floors of art and cultural exhibits. While walking through the museum I was surprised at the lack of visitors. I only ran into one other one. When I walked past an obviously bored security guard, I remarked how it was so quiet. His response was, ‘It’s always quiet here’. That’s sad.

As ArtC, Jillian Schratz from the Noyes Museum and I had searched several times for any exhibits they may have been offering. We wanted to feature them occasionally on our events calendar but we couldn’t find anything. When I returned home yesterday, I finally found the right website that lists their exhibits.

There is no entrance fee at the museum. Although somewhat inconsistent, there is quite a collection of quality art there. Maybe it’s the location, maybe it’s partly that information about it is not easy to come by, but it’s a shame that most taxpayers are not more aware of it’s existence.

By the way, there is a meeting on December 15th at 3 pm at the New Jersey Council on the Arts. It’s open to the public. Just thought I’d mention it. Thanks for listening.

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