GREG BENNET, painter

photos by Bill Horin

“Strathmere artist Greg Bennett’s most visited subjects are the seascapes and landscapes that surround him at the New Jersey seashore. His work is very much influenced by his environment and one can imagine that he would be a very different kind of painter if he lived in a different place. “I pretty much paint subjects I know very well. I’ve been at the Jersey Shore a long time and I am lucky that the subject matter I am interested in happens to be very marketable.”

Yet his work is not one-dimensional. Other subjects include a snow scene from Pennsylvania, and a colorful painting of two canoes along a riverbank in the mountains.

“The shore is where I live so it’s accessible to me. I really like the mountains, but the mountains are far from here. So that theme occurs less often. But when I am able to travel to these places, even if I don’t have my paints with me, I always have my camera and I take tons of photos and eventually I paint them.”

His education began as a pre-teen, taking art lessons privately in his native Bridgeton, Cumberland County. The journey continued with a year at the York Academy of Arts in York, Pa., followed by an apprenticeship under John Terelak at the Gloucester Academy of Fine Arts in Gloucester, Mass. “Gloucester was where it really all began for me, it was there that I decided to launch into the profession of being a painter,” he recalls.

He is one of those rare individuals who knew what he wanted to do from a very early age.