JACKIE SANDRO, ceramic artist

photos by Bill Horin

Jackie Sandro is a ceramic artist with a sense of humor. “I guess my personality comes out in my work,” she says. “And I tend to be a little sarcastic.” Even though it sometimes goes towards dark and edgy – it’s often presented with a whimsical twist. “I love making it quirky,” she says.
One recent example: in Three Amigos her triptych of male torsos, one of the men represented has a head made of barbed-wire. Perched atop it, a beanie propeller.

“The propeller says he’s fun to be with, he’s endearing, he’s got a great personality. But his head is barbed wire. Approach with caution!”
It’s precisely the kind of juxtaposition that makes her work compelling. “I often find myself creating awkward proportions and precarious balance. It’s most successful when it looks like it’s about to fall. I like it when it’s unsettling.”

Recently she has been experimenting with motifs inspired by medieval armor and the intricacies of its embellishment and hardware. “I’m fascinated by the armor we all use to protect our vulnerable parts.”

An MFA graduate of Tyler School of Art, Sandro is a full-time artist and teacher. She runs the Cumberland Community College Clay College in Millville where she is in charge of credit and non-credit college ceramics courses, workshops and children’s programs.

Through the beginning of October, she has pieces on display at Clay College and at the gallery of Camden Community College. Her work has also been shown at the Noyes Museum of Art, the New Jersey State Museum Gallery in Trenton, Rowan University, and the College of New Rochelle in New York.