I was contacted by an old friend yesterday, John Gowdy. John is originally from the Atlantic City area and he became a world-renowned sand sculptor. He’s putting together a world championship sand sculpting event in AC for this June and he wanted to know if I would be a judge. Cool. Sure.

The event is being paid for by the Atlantic City Alliance. My art director, Bill Milnazik, and I then did a quick mock-up with some photos I had done before with a Sterling Brown story to show how this could be creatively promoted with our brochure/magazine idea. We call it a ‘Bragazine’. It could be used as a newspaper supplement, stand alone and online. And for a very reasonable price.

Good art, all kinds of art, isn’t boring. The ACA is spending a lot of money for these kind of events and we applaud them for it. Their printed and video promotional materials need to reflect the creativity and quality of these events and the artists. We feel we have the talent and professionalism to do just that. Not ‘bragging’, just an opinion. Thanks for listening.

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