Sounds of Summer

Sounds of Summer

It’s been a musical Summer for ArtC and that’s fine with us.

We filmed a documentary style video this Spring called ‘The Great Goshen Barn Jam’ and we premiered it last week to a very appreciative audience of about sixty-five people, most of them musicians, at Stan Sperlak’s Crow Creek Studios. It was great to be in a room with that much creative energy. Finished video is much longer than our normal 3-5 minutes (it’s about 17 minutes long) but sit back and enjoy the music and David Todd McCarty’s photos.

Besides the Art & Music Festival we filmed and photographed at the Appel Farm last month (what a great job their staff does with that), we were commissioned by our friends at the Bay Atlantic Symphony for three projects. One is a TV commercial for their ‘Live & Let Die’ symphonic tribute to Paul McCartney at Borgata this September, another was a video of their rendition of Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overature’, also at the Borgata, and the video below which is part of their free educational series for school kids. This one was filmed at Stockton’s Performing Arts Center.

And Phyllis Papa, director of the Atlantic City Ballet, contacted us a few weeks ago. We will be partnering with them on a project called ‘Eye of the Storm’. They will be creating a modern dance based on Hurricane Sandy and we will be creating the video. That will start next month.

Well, the heat is on but it feels good. Thanks for listening.

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