The Week That Was

In this age of tweeting, text messaging and facebooking (is that really a verb?), it’s unusual to wait a week before telling the world, or at least your closest 1,567 friends, about what you’ve been up to, especially when the news is pretty exciting. Actually, I like to think it allows time for some perspective. In reality, I’ve just been really busy.

Last Monday it was confirmed by Cheryl Broschard, Foundation Project Coordinator for AtlaniCare, that the ArtC team would be creating, writing and designing a website for their Healing Arts Program. We will also be producing a four minute opening video explaining the program with video tours, voiceovers and lots of artwork, as well as three video artist profiles for next year. A great project for ArtC and we will make sure it reflects the quality of AtlantiCare’s program. Thanks Cheryl.

Tuesday I received an email from Susan Ney Thompson, Deputy Executive Director of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA). She said the Tourism District Planning Team was in town and asked if I could talk to them that Thursday about the importance of an arts district in Atlantic City. I asked if I could bring some of our advisory board members for support. Mary Cantone from the William Ris Gallery, writer Sal Emma from the ArtC staff, Jeff Schwachter, who is a muscian, artist, writer and editor of Atlantic City Weekly (how does he find the time?), and Lennox Warner, an Atlantic City artist who is as well-versed in Atlantic City art, politics and history as anyone you’re likely to meet, all agreed to join me on very short notice. The meeting went very well.

Wednesday I received confirmation about an event we are planning for next April 4th and 5th. It’s called Photo SJ 2012 and it will be held at the Richard Stockton College of NJ in Pomona. Nationally known celebrity photographer John Russo and former National Geographic photographer Seth Resnick have agreed to give presentations, which will be free, and John will be teaching a couple workshops. By the way, John is a Stockton graduate. To get an idea how good these guys are, click on their names above to check out their websites. We will be adding a few more workshops. More details to come soon.

Thursday I received copies of the new edition of New Jersey Lifestyle magazine. Sal Emma’s article on artist Victor Grasso and Frank Weiss’ photos were awesome, not a word I use lightly.

And Friday I lined up our next subject for our featured artist video. I’ll tell you about it next week, I just need a little more perspective.

Thanks for listening.

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