We need more SALT

One of our favorite things at ArtC is finding artists who make us say ‘Wow’. And that doesn’t just apply to fine artists but commercial artists as well.

When we first saw the concept issue of SALT Magazine, an online publication out of Cape May, we had no idea who David Todd McCarty was or how he could produce such a unique online magazine. We were intrigued and yes, slightly jealous. We are now, as with all the great artists we meet, fans. David is doing what ArtC is also striving to do – promote the arts with art. He is the publisher, designer, writer, salesman and usually the photographer for SALT, whose first issue premiered recently. In his ‘spare time’ he is a partner in an ad agency outside of Philadelphia where he is an art director, copy writer and director of many high-end commercials and photo shoots.

ArtC interviewed David on Higbee Beach in Cape May, where he was directing a fashion shoot for the next issue of his magazine and at the Inn of Cape May, where he and his crew of volunteers were staying.

And we say to south Jersey, please pass the SALT…and see what promoting art and culture should look like.

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